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Get Out & Grow educates and inspires people to interact with nature and their community to enhance their health, connectivity, and joy.  Our fundamental approach adheres to this mission. We create and cultivate outdoor spaces that are:

Functional - gardens are to be explored and lived in. We customize the space to accommodate your lifestyle and needs from entertaining to sports to pets to screening to wildlife observation to education and more. Function is always foremost. 

Ornamental - we use aesthetically pleasing plants and materials for 4-season beauty. Form, foliage, and texture are as important to our designs as flowers.

Ecological - gardens should compliment the local habitat. GOAG does not plant invasive plants that disturb the ecology. In fact, it is our practice to remove invasives from the site before installing a new design. We favor plants that are native to the area, offer nectar, and other amenities for the ecology. 

Environmental - our designs improve the environmental aspects of an area. GOAG does not use toxic chemicals or materials. Your plants are selected based upon your specific environmental conditions (light, drainage, soil, exposure, climate, etc.) to minimize maintenance and inputs after installation.

Educational - our mission is to educate. GOAG relies on the latest scientific research for design principles, plant selection, and material usage. We don’t expect our clients to be scientists, so we teach and explain our choices so you can appreciate your landscape more. We also incorporate opportunities for experiential learning in the design. Whether it’s a chance to observe butterflies or see a flower develop into a fruit or watch a sunflower follow the sun, the landscape will have teachable moments for young and old. 

Nutritional - every design (unless inappropriate) includes edible plants. Growing food, even on a small scale, is a proven way to connect people to their landscape.

We are Garden Coaches and Horticultural Educators who help our clients create and cultivate their ideal landscape and garden spaces. We are on the journey with you, satisfaction is guaranteed. 


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Would you like to eliminate frustration and
build confidence in your gardening experience? 


Take the guesswork and frustration out of growing and maintaining your ideal landscape. Work with William Moss the Garden Boss to transform your ideas into the outdoor space of your dreams. Get step-by-step customized plans to help you grow like a pro with confidence.


Gardens are meant to be explored and lived in.
We help you create and cultivate spaces suited to your lifestyle.