Interested in improving learning opportunities for students?

Our solution is right outside your door. Get Out And Grow with William Moss transforms
landscapes and outdoor spaces into living learning NGSS AND STEAM laboratories.




We customize activities and experiments to meet curriculum goals while providing hands on experiential learning. We ensure that lesson plans and schedules fit existing objectives using a systematic approach that allows teachers to teach without concern for the technical aspects of installing and maintaining the garden space.


In addition to providing customized NGSS science lessons, we collaborate with department heads and teachers to supplement ELA, history, mathematics, and social studies.  Activities are designed to provide cooperative project based learning while inspiring curiosity, imagination, and fostering a desire to learn.



Using a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to lessons, our programs can also incorporate nutrition, fitness, and wellness into garden activities. The culmination of these efforts help to improve student proficiency and simultaneously enhance aesthetics of the school and surrounding community.