Get The Scoop on Soil - Soil Testing

Why won't my orange tree produce fruit? Why won't my hydrangea flower? Why do my tomatoes develop blossom end rot? Why is my corn weak and spindly? Why are the leaves on my witch hazel yellowing in midsummer? Why do the leaves on my apple tree look scorched? Is it safe to grow veggies in my city lot? The answers to these and many other gardening dilemmas are rooted in the soil.

Soil is the foundation of terrestrial life. Keeping it healthy and productive is one of the best things we can do for our garden plants. Soil testing is the best way to determine if the nutrient levels are adequate and if you have a problem with toxins. When the science of soil testing was first developed, it was extremely controversial. Like any new technology, it was viewed with disdain by the old guard. Some university officials even decried it as mock science or voodoo. Today soil testing has become an essential tool for managing soil health. Autumn is the perfect time to have your soil professionally analyzed because it takes some time for soil amendments -- such as sulfur for lowering pH and lime for raising it -- to take effect.

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